Membership of the Te Awamutu RSA is open to anyone aged over 18.

Please download the below application forms, or contact the club to join.


  1. Ensure that you and your invited guests act in a responsible manner at all times while on RSA premises.
  2. Ensure that you are fully aware of, and comply with the rules and By-Laws of your RSA as displayed.
  3. Be aware of your responsibilities not to drink and drive.
  4. Be aware of the RSA's policy on responsible gambling.
  5. Be aware of the RSA's policy on the responsible serving of alcohol.
  6. Children under high school age may not play on the pool tables. High School children are permitted to play on the pool tables.
  7. Children under 18 years are not permitted in the gaming area or at the bar


Entry is restricted to members, members guests and members of affiliated clubs. A valid MyVaccine Pass is required. Casual diners are welcome (some restrictions apply - See notice in dining room). A tidy standard of dress is required and clean footwear must be worn.